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If you would like to join us as a volunteer then please read the below information regarding the Kids Can Cosplay Codes of Conduct and Requirements.

More Than Just Cosplay

Kids Can Cosplay is always looking for talented volunteers outside of just cosplaying. Join our social media team and engage with our fans or join one of the media teams and help create awesome photos and videos that help showcase who we are and what we do. If you have the time and the drive to help others, then apply for any of our volunteer positions today!

Kids Can Cosplay
Code of Conduct

To ensure the safety of all volunteers, staff, guests, and vendors a background check may be required for anyone over the age of 18 at any time and done at the discretion of Kids Can Cosplay. You have the right to refuse a background check, however in doing so, you will not be able to participate in Kids Can Cosplay events. Any results from a background check will be kept confidential and only shared between you and the relevant staff of Kids Can Cosplay.

If you are under 18, you must be accompanied by an adult and the adult must be the one to agree and fill out the form below. Please note that some events we do may not allow volunteers under the age of 18.

Dress code prohibits the following: mini shorts, short skirts, tank tops, low-cut tops, low-riding pants, or anything deemed immodest. Also abstain from clothing that promotes alcohol, drugs, sex or a lifestyle contrary to the beliefs of our sponsor at the events. No scary looking or threatening outfits. If you are wearing a costume, the same rules apply to above. Points of Contact and/or the Volunteer Coordinator will have the final determination of any dress code violations at events; volunteers may make an appeal to the Volunteer Coordinator, and/or the Kids Can Cosplay Board if they disagree with the dress code decision.

Interactions with a fellow volunteer or guest (regardless of gender) that may be seen as romantic is not allowed.

During volunteer time, stay within the boundaries of the assigned volunteer task. Please follow the instructions of the staff supervisor and remain in the assigned area.

Smoking is not permitted for volunteers on any properties of where our events are held. Also, the possession of any drugs, alcohol or weapons is prohibited.

Do not offer any gifts or items to guests consisting of money, goods or services, or accept any gifts as such from a guest, without prior consent by the Volunteer Program Supervisor.

While we encourage conversations between volunteers, staff and guests, please avoid topics of a personal nature, and show respect at all times to all parties involved. Volunteers should never use profanity or joking in ways that may be considered inappropriate.
No exchange of personal contact information between children and volunteers. Also, communication with children outside of volunteer time is not permitted unless the parent/guardian makes arrangements through KCC for your contact information, ensuring that both you and the family have their privacy protected.

Volunteers are not authorized to use their position for self-promotion, business promotion, financial profit or illicit personal gain. This includes passing out business cards that are not KCC cards, name badges or tags on display with your contact info or personal social media, and tip jars or other payment requests outside of the official Kids Can Cosplay donation program for the event. If someone wishes to contact you, you can give out the Kids Can Cosplay business card and tell them that your team can put them in touch with you.

We understand that many of you have cosplay Instagram accounts or run personal businesses related to the services we provide. However, when you are on duty with Kids Can Cosplay at events you are one of us first, and for cohesive event management, this policy is in place effective 9/10/2023*.

We will continue to tag your appearances with us in our own social media posts and you are welcome to share the images from there to your own social accounts.
This sharing of contact information at events policy does not apply between individual KCC members.

This sharing of contact information at events policy does not apply between individual KCC members.

Volunteers give KCC and any organizations they partner with the right to print and/or publish pictures of and KCC activities in which they are photographed or videotaped. We love to tag volunteers in these social media publications, and will do so if we have your social tags on file. In order for us to share your social account, your account must not contain nudity, implied nudity, sexual acts, hate speech or acts of violence.

Most events do allow volunteers to take pictures and videos during the event. Some events are closed to the public and the event hosts do not allow non-guest photography outside of the break room space for the safety and privacy of the guests. All volunteers must comply with this policy in order to participate in these more restricted events. The exception to this restriction is the official KCC event photographer, whose images are vetted by the event host prior to any public release through KCC.

Photos from all our events taken by KCC designated photographers belong to Kids Can Cosplay and the respective photographers that took them. These images are also provided to our event hosts and partners for their own sharing purposes. Additionally, the images are authorized for use on KCC social media, the KCC web site, use with media outlets, & for convention advertising.

We will always credit our photographers for their photos with their social tags if they are on file and photographers are allowed to watermark their images.
You need permission from Kids Can Cosplay if you wish to use any pictures outside of ‘sharing’ our public social media posts on your own social media profiles.

No pictures may be used to sell. No logos of the photographers, KCC or from the event can be edited, cropped or removed intentionally nor any alterations of the photos themselves are to be made.

The group strives for a certain level of accuracy on the props and costumes the children will clearly recognize. While 100% true accuracy is commendable, we do not require it. However, there are limits on what we are willing to let by. We will allow the use of costumes or characters & equipment that exist in officially published movies, cartoons, comics, books, video games, card/board games and various toy lines. Anything that is considered non-canon or outside of the official lore of the character or “your own” interpretation, will require approval before appearing.
Unless you want to sign up to be an official Kids Can Cosplay staff member, your participation is strictly on a volunteer status, meaning no type of membership is required. We do not charge for our services, nor do we pay volunteers. Our services are free and strictly for charitable contributions. While we do our best to accommodate all volunteers, we do withhold the right to deny requests and discontinue volunteer services as we see fit without disclosure.

If you agree with these codes of conduct and requirements and would like to join us as a volunteer then please check off the agreement box and fill out the form below.

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