Kelsey Fernandez

Kelsey has been in the cosplay game since their late teens, though their convention circuit is limited primarily to Southern California. Happily, that has made participating with KCC very easy now that their professional life is a bit more flexible to allow for more time with fellow nerds out in the community. Kelsey has been volunteering their time with various organizations (a therapeutic riding academy in their hometown and Make-a-Wish’s grown-up counterpart, to name a few) since they were small, so upon discovering that there is a local charitable element to cosplay, they knew they had to get involved. They’re still relatively new to KCC, but they intend to stick around for a long time, as well as continue improving their cosplay skills from convention to convention. Keep an eye out for Atlantean royalty or scarlet-caped Kryptonians in Californian convention halls; you might just run into them!

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