Tom has been cosplaying since around mid-2017 shortly after re-developing an interest in comics and other similar genre. The interest in comics, et al re-developed as a release value to a high pressure job (tax work). He joined KCC in early 2018 when a friend recommended the organization.

He enjoys attending conventions and observing the creativity of others in the cosplay community.

Spider-man (spidey, symbiote, miles and others) is the primary character he cosplays however he also has done Green Lantern and is working on Daredevil (comic).

Cosplaying has become an enjoyable hobby/passion and he is enjoying it. He is hoping things will return “back to normal” (or to some degree of normalcy) sometime soon and he will be able to volunteer once again with KCC to bring smiles and enjoyment to the kids of the community in which KCC participates. He is also hoping for the resumption of convention season as well so he may reconnect with friends that share a similar interest.

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