Stefanie Carlson

Stefanie joined Kids Can Cosplay after meeting members of the team in costume after her family attended an outreach event at the local library where KCC was providing characters. Cosplay was always a part of her life, but this was an opportunity to help the community through creative expression.

Since then, she’s been an active participant in events both in person and online, participating in outreach events, speaking as a guest panelist in an online convention, recording in-character story time videos for their KCC YouTube channel, producing the ‘pass’ videos for cosplayer collaborative videos featuring multiple members of the cosplay team, acting as characters for virtual visitations, and participating in toy drives and fundraisers.

She has recently joined the KCC staff Video Team as the Pre-Production Coordinator.

When not in cosplay, she’s busy creating new costumes for herself and her kids, sewing and designing custom face masks and other projects, and snuggling her kitties. She has 20 years of early childhood education experience and works as a preschool director, which translates well into the work KCC does.

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