Ricky discovered cosplay back in 2003 while driving around downtown with his family while trying to find something to do on a Saturday afternoon. They noticed a crowd around the San Diego Convention center and a few of of the people walking around were wearing costumes. So they decided to go check it out and back then, you were able to just buy a ticket at the door. Ricky was in complete awe as this was his first time in a comic con. Everything blew his mind but one cosplay that really got his attention was someone in a Batman costume. It was a movie quality type suit that you just couldn’t buy at any costume store. After going that day, he decided next year he was going to back to SDCC with his own batsuit.

After lots of research and networking online to find parts, he eventually debut his very first cosplay as Batman at SDCC 2004. From there Ricky fell in love with the craft and also realized how much he loved the reaction of people he interacted with. Specially the joy he saw in kids that got to meet, who in their eyes was Batman. This is also important to him to be that character once he’s suited up cause to the kids approaching him in his suit is there to meet or take pictures with Batman, not Ricky. So, for that moment Ricky has to be Batman.

At the time he was still active in the the Navy and after 2007 spent nearly 11 years overseas so he rarely got a chance to do anything with the hobby. In September 2018, Ricky retired from the military and settled in San Diego and bought a home the following year. After 20 years of being in the military, Ricky went through a phase where aside from getting a new job, he didn’t know what to do with his free time. Until he decided he was going to make himself a Redhood costume for a convention in Orange county that he saw on FB. From that day the cosplay bug had sunk its teeth in again and has not let go ever since.

In August 2021 Ricky attended his very first KCC event at the Miracle Babies 32nd Annual 5K Run at Liberty Station in Point Loma and ever since, has tried to join in any event around San Diego if he’s able to. He loves the fact that this little silly hobby of his is able to somehow give back to his community or put a smile on a kid that may actually be in need of it. His passion for this craft is all he needs to keep doing it and the benefit of having served his community and bringing happiness to kids are just an added bonus that he would gladly accept.

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