Joshua Madruga

Joshua has been cosplaying since 2005, starting with his favorite villain from the Batman universe, Mr. Freeze. Fast forward 16 years and he now has an array of over 35 costumes and characters that he brings to life. Joshua’s most popular characters include Voldemort, Darth Maul, Kingpin, The Tick, Batman, Uncle Fester, Santa, and Beetlejuice! He also performs as various popular Disney characters for parties and events, including Kristoff, Gaston, Genie, Maui, and Ursula! Joshua believes in spreading kindness and love while sparking creativity in the imaginations of children and adults alike. Lately, he has been hosting many virtual events as these characters, that involve storytelling, singing, and instructional videos on cartooning and art. Joshua has a background in theatre and music, and is heavily involved in local theatre company productions. Joshua’s favorite part of cosplaying and performing is charity work, and he loves volunteering time to kids in hospitals.

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