Evan has had a love for making costumes all his whole life, and became an “official” cosplayer in 2012 after discovering the cosplay community. His first real cosplay was Spider-Man, and quickly branched out to other characters that caught his interest, such as Captain America, The Flash, Kylo Ren, Doctor Strange, and many others. As much as he loves attending comic conventions, he always wanted to do something more with his work, and was able to make this dream a reality when he joined up with Kids Can Cosplay in 2015. Now he looks forward to working charity events a bit more than he does attending conventions, as he has found giving back is one of the most satisfying feelings in the world. Evan is also part of the video team for Kids Can Cosplay as one of editors of our wonderful StoryTime series!

In his personal life, Evan spends most of his free time working on or researching new cosplays, enjoys gaming with his friends (both in person and online), and on occasion will create videos for his personal YouTube channel, focused on showing off his cosplays and cosplay tutorials.

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