Allan Forte

Allan, is a father of 3 and when he’s not running around in spandex as your favourite comic/movie hero he is working as an EMT on and ambulance. Allan grew up in between Southern California and Baltimore Maryland. He has always loved being a kid at heart enjoying cartoons, anime, comic books, video games, but especially movies. His first convention was Anime Expo in July of 2010 and dressed as his favorite character Deadpool. Since then he has tried to “be a positive light in the world” and doing his best to always share a smile with everyone he meets. Unknown to most Allan battles with depression, and has used his passion for cosplay to combat his illness. He then took it a step further using skills he learned to create his costumes and joined cosplay charity groups like Kids Can Cosplay to help others face their own challenges. Allan has created many costumes like Deadpool, Assassin’s Creed, Kid Flash and more well known for Wasbi of Big Hero 6, Falcon of MCU and A Goofy Movie’s Powerline. Although things has slowed down, Allan plans to keep cosplaying and sharing his passion.

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