Alfredo Garcia Jr

Alfredo has been cosplaying since the early 80s! He mostly did Star Trek until about 2007 when he did his first non Star Trek cosplay at San Diego Comic-Con as Mr. Fantastic from Fantastic Four. He continued doing Star Trek and Mr. Fantastic until about 2011 when he expanded to Hawkeye from The Avengers movie. In 2012, he met his lady and partner in cosplaying and they have been cosplaying together ever since. They are best known as Hawkeye and Black Widow of The Avengers movie. They did that for a while and eventually expanded into many genres like DC, Disney, more Star Trek, Tron, Game of Thrones, etc. They have about 40 different cosplays. For KCC activities their favorite cosplay is Olaf and Anna. The kids love them both as do the adults. They also do Prince Charming and Cinderella. One of their other favorite cosplays is Gomez and Morticia! They also enjoy going as Sam and Quorra of Tron Legacy. After meeting his lady in 2012, all of their cosplays have been couples cosplays! His and Hers Golden Age Flashes is another favorite. And they love Greywolf and Mother of Dragons from GoT.

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